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Three Bedroom Condo For Rent In Eastwood City

A three-bedroom unit is the best choice for people who want the most out of Eastwood City condo living. With a floor area ranging from 105 sqm to 115 sqm, you can get ample space to breathe and feel the true comforts of a luxurious high-rise home. Rent a condo in Eastwood City residential buildings such as One Orchard Road to enjoy 24/7 security and unrestricted access to the pool, garden, gym, playground, and function rooms while visiting the Philippines or while attending to business matters in the area. With the corporate towers, shopping centers, and watering holes that are just a stone's throw away, you will get a feel of the true essence of the live-work-play lifestyle embraced by the community.

Three-bedroom condo rental rates are within the Php 40,000 to Php70,000 range, depending on whether you want an unfurnished or a furnished unit adorned with state-of-the-art houseware and contemporary interiors. Feel free to look around our catalogue of Eastwood City condos for rent to find your ideal home.

Three Bedroom Condo Units For Rent
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